First Dates for Cheapskates

Why pay ludicrous prices in fancy restaurants you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in just to impress someone on a first date?

Let’s face it, they might not even make the second round.

Here are three top-draw first date ideas that won’t cost you a mint.

Get cultural

From art galleries to museums, there are heaps of free or cheap activities of offer if you know where to look. Discount tickets for plays and theatre nights for under 35’s, for example, are a great chance to get dressed up and do something a bit different.

If you’re loving your date, you can chat during intermission. If not, rest easy knowing you don’t need to converse the whole time and can have a mostly enjoyable night watching a play in the dark alone.

Wander the city

The best part about being in a new city is exploring, but there’s no reason this can’t be done in your home town. Go for a walk, chit chat, and check out whatever café or bar takes your fancy. Just plan the path beforehand to take you past some interesting places like markets, cool bookshops and boutiques so your date doesn’t lose interest.

If you’re having a great time, you can roll it into dinner. Otherwise say you’ve already got dinner plans, bust a move and spend the money you’ve saved slipping into a few at the pub with your mates.

Long walks on the beach (seriously)

Whether it’s hitting beautiful beaches or breathtaking national parks, we’ve got some pretty great natural beauty on our doorstep. Outdoor activities like renting a canoe or stand up paddle boards can be fun and won’t cost much. Bring a few snacks and you’re set.

This is ideal if you’re both outdoorsy types, otherwise it’s probably not going to work, so make sure your date’s keen and prepared. If she turns up wearing heels and you’re in a t-shirt and hiking boots, the only thing you’ll be exploring is the long walk home.

Image: Miroha