French President Spends $15k a Month On His Stupid Hair

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making sure one’s hair is in top condition, but when it’s costing you almost 10,000 euros a month, you might have a bit of an issue.

French President Francois Hollande spends 9,895 euros ($AU14,460) every month on a hairdresser known only as Olivier B to keep his mane in check. How mysterious.

Granted, it’s a neat do, but it’s nothing special. I imagine he just asks for the ‘Number 2 Politician’ before he even sits down. C’mon Francois, get some frosted tips or something. Live a little.

The information was brought to light when the French investigative newspaper, the Canard Enchaine, published the contract of this expensive mystery hairdresser. Government spokesman Stephane Le Foll confirmed the details, adding that he understands the resentful reaction of the French public.

“I can understand the questions, I can understand that there are judgments,” he said.

“Everyone has their hair done, don’t they?”

Fuck yeah, I love a fresh cut, Stephane. But when you’re sporting $15k worth of taxpayer funded cuts, you gotta expect a little backlash, you know?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a scandal if the internet didn’t get involved and appoint it an appropriate name. Enter, ‘COIFFEURGATE’.

All manner of hilariously photoshopped images have appeared, along with style advice and a far-right French politician referring to Hallande as “his majesty”. Classic.

Trending on Twitter in France, #CoiffeurGate is where you can find all the action. Some users have suggested that balding candidates for the 2017 presidency is a great way to save taxpayer money.

According to the report, the hairdresser is also entitled to a housing allowance and family benefits. Pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

Journalist and former partner of Hollande, Valerie Trierweiler, has denied claims that the hairdresser was her request, adding that Hollande himself was unaware of the outrageous cost.

“Let’s be fair: F. Hollande was not aware of the hairdresser’s salary,” she said.

For your viewing pleasure, below are some of the hilarious images floating around the interwebs. Enjoy!