Freshen up Your Work Wardrobe for 2016

As you drag your hungover carcass out of bed on the first glorious day of the working year and dress yourself in last years generic business outfit, you might be thinking about sprucing up your work wardrobe.

Or maybe you spring out of bed and do some vigorous jazz hands because your wardrobe is dope and you love keeping up to date with fashion. If that sounds like you, my advice will mean nothing, move along.

So fancy

For the rest of us, a little boost to the old business get-up will ensure that your work year starts on a high note. To throw some weight behind that point, you should always assume that your boss is judging you on your appearance.

Here’s where you can get some killer deals on flashy new work costumes:

The Iconic

On the information super highway that is the interwebs, you can access the online clothing store The Iconic.

This web store is great for a few reasons, but mainly because you can shop from the comfort of your own home, prolonging the avoidance of human interaction and pants for a little while longer.

What sets The Iconic apart from other online stores is that you can choose to have your items delivered within three hours for a very reasonable price. Furthermore, if it doesn’t fit or you hate it, you can return or exchange it for free!

Convenience level: Expert.


Another gift from the world wide web, ASOS is based in the UK but offers free shipping worldwide.

While not as convenient as the legends over at The Iconic, they do have some rad sales running at the moment if you want to bag your outfit on the cheap, because who doesn’t like saving currency?

Or maybe you enjoy the finer things in life.


Yes, you’ll have to leave the house to visit Myer, but it’s a good one-stop-shop for business clothes that almost always have some kind of sale happening.

Here you’ll get fairly decent quality for a reasonable price. A great mid-ground resource and a greater reason to avoid horrible suits from Lowes.

Never ok

David Jones

If you consider yourself a citizen of class, then there’s always David Jones, where they serve champagne to their customers during the festive season because drunk shopping is great for business.

For business!

With a selection that is arguably ~fancier~ than the suggestions above, an increase in price means an increase in quality, so your flashy work garb will last as long as you want it to.

Don’t be afraid to splash out a little more for better quality, as it’ll save you money in the long run and people will think that you’re rich. Treat yourself.