Furnishing a Home on a Budget

You did it! You finally moved out of your parents house and into your first, possibly dilapidated home. Feels good, doesn’t it?

But now you have to think about all the things you overlooked while planning your escape from the parental prison. Things like furniture, white goods, cutlery and where you’re going to store all of the useless junk that your parents refuse to keep for you.

It’s a daunting prospect when you have minimal money to spend on designing a home, but there are still ways you can catch a bargain and show off your furnishing finesse.

Raid your parents house

Take anything with you that might be useful, chances are your folks will want to offload plenty of old goods anyway.

I took a twenty year old microwave with me to my first share house and as a bonus, didn’t burn it down, so there’s one example for you.

A piece of advice – a microwave is an invaluable way to skirt your lack of life skills for a few more years, though you’ll eventually get sick of burning the roof of your mouth off on the reg.

I’m so damn hungry

Buy second hand

Second hand furniture and white goods are an easy way to start off your new abode without having to strangle your bank account.

Sites like Gumtree and eBay will be your best bet when it comes to pre-loved possessions and some people will be so desperate to get rid of it, you’ll be able to haggle them down to nearly nothing.

Be aggressive

Your home may look a little mismatched to begin with, but over time you’ll be able to swap out the old for new, less stained belongings.


Swedish furniture lords Ikea are reliable suppliers of cheap, mostly decent quality furniture and homewares with a catch – you have to assemble them yourself.

Now, I’m no stranger to the assembly of some moderately well made Swedish wood-crafts, so I can tell you that the experience is simultaneously infuriating and fulfilling.

My own personal hell

For $59 you can get yourself a Melltorp dining table, which to me, sounds like the name of a Norwegian metal band.

To familiarise yourself with their very ~foreign~ naming style, you can play Ikea or Death, a game where you choose whether a name is a piece of Ikea furniture or the name of a Black Metal band. Enjoy!

Try again, poser

Super Amart

A little more expensive than Ikea, but with the lift in price comes a lift in quality without the hassle of having to put it together yourself. A true win for the laziest humans of the modern world.

And better quality will mean your furniture will last longer. 800 bones for a three piece recliner suite is not a bad deal at all if you have the cash.

Rent a furnished property

Sure, you’ll pay more in rent, but moving in will be a breeze and you can let the landlord worry about how the place is styled.

The downside of course, is that you’ll need to take good care of everything, as you’ll be responsible for any repairs/replacements.

As the ancient proverb says – you broke it, you bought it.