Futurists Give Us a Glimpse of the Workplace in 2050

If you look back at how much has changed in as little as ten years, it can be daunting to imagine what the world will be like in 2050. That’s if the robots don’t kill us first.

And even if we do manage to continue the rise of artificial intelligence without pissing off our robot pals, they’re still not going to be doing your work for you while you put your feet up, so you can get that thought out of your lazy head.


Here’s how futurists reckon the workplace will be in another thirty-four years.

You probably won’t have a flashy title

Say goodbye to the corporate ladder and hello to the “corporate lattice” says CEO of the Institute for Global Futures James Canton.

And this is something that’s already happening, with companies like games platform Steam dumping the traditional hierarchy in favour of a flat structure with no managers. Party!

So instead of working one particular role with a particular title, you’ll more likely be an equal cog in hybrid workforce machine.

“You’ll end up with a system, a network of humans and artificial intelligence, crowd-based intelligence — they’re all going to get mashed up,” Says Canton.

Another step forward for the world becoming one giant Kickstarter.

A robot might take your job

So what I said before may actually be true, but not in the way you’d like it to be.

A University of Oxford report reckons that 50% of the workforce will be replaced by artificial intelligence by 2030.

If you work in transportation or logistics, you should probably start freshening up your resume because your jobs are the most at risk.

You’ll likely be a freelancer

With the freelance economy already booming thanks to the fruits of modern technology, this sector will continue to grow.

It’s cheaper for employers and easier for employees, with most freelancers opting for flexibility rather than traditional full-time employment.

You may never retire

The advances in modern medicine coupled with a longer life expectancy means that you’ll probably be working until you reach the grave.

Rising costs of living means that young people just can’t save the kind of retirement funds that prior generations were able to.

But on the bright side, you’ll probably feel like a million bucks thanks to whatever robot arms or anti-aging remedies that will be available.

Employers could watch you…all the time

Undoubtedly the creepiest item on the list, the PWC report says that your employer will probably be able to monitor your location, performance and health, even outside of work.

While this kind of surveillance is in no way OK, if employers can do it in a way that becomes more of a benefit to their employees rather than themselves, it could win the workforce over.

And when you think about thirty-four years in the past, it’s not entirely far-fetched to think about any of these things happening in the future, especially when you consider the exponential growth in…well, everything.