Australian Game of Thrones Fan Offers to Pay for Illegal Downloads

Australia is unashamedly big on digital piracy, particularly when it comes to Game of Thrones. In fact, we take out the top spot for illegally obtaining the drama series.

But to be fair, it’s not exactly easy for us to get our hands on the HBO program, as subscribing to Foxtel is currently the only legal way to do so. It’s not a very cheap option either, costing around $29 per month for a subscription, including the premium package required.

Tasmania fan John Hyslop has had enough, taking to the HBO Facebook page to voice his frustration, using an analogy that compares the Foxtel experience to a cheap Indian restaurant.

“Using Foxtel is like hitting up an all you can eat banquet at a cheap Indian restaurant. It costs you $30 to get in when all you really wanted was the butter chicken, and your only memory of the whole experience is the burning sensation left on your ring the morning after. Their services are well below industry standards and incredibly overpriced,” writes John.

“This leaves me in a quandary, do I deal with the financial and logistical equivalent of 5 hours of bleeding out my rear end in exchange for Foxtels weekly low definition poorly buffered offering? Or do I easily and simply download the episode in high definition 2 hours after it is released for free…? I think we all know which decision is more appealing…”

Fair deuce, John.

Here’s his proposal to HBO, who have yet to reply:

“I will gladly pay HBO $10 an episode for every episode of your show that I download illegally, just provide me with a means by which to pay and I will transfer the coin. Alternatively offer HBO go in Australia, or literally mail me out a memory stick with each weeks episode saved on it because even waiting for a memory stick to come by mail would be a better option than paying $30 a month for what is quite possibly the worst streaming service this side of West Africa…”

Plenty of people agree with Mr Hyslop’s proposition, some adding that they have given Foxtel the flick due to the media dealings of Rupert Murdoch. Facebook user Adam Carter wrote, “When I rang up and was asked “What’s the reason for your decision to cancel your subscription?” I answered “Because Rupert Murdoch is Satan.”

Whether HBO will come to the party with their own service is yet to be seen, but all signs point to them pretending this post doesn’t exist.