The Best Way To Score Cheap Flights

Australia’s a great place to live, but we’re just so far away from everywhere else.

The biggest chunk of holiday money is almost always spent on flights, whether it’s getting across the country or around the world.

So to ease the squeeze, here’s how to nab the cheapest flights going around. Because we all know that that money saved could be better spent on a longer stay, a more extravagant holiday or more ridiculous nights out.

Time It Right

Both in terms of booking the flight and when you fly, timing is everything. When planning a holiday, the sooner you know the dates you want to go, the better.

It’s also about the time of day and week you’re flying. Friday afternoons and Sunday nights are going to be more expensive than Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons.

It’s possible to get some decent last-minute deals, but these only work if there’s no set destination in mind and dates are flexible. So, don’t leave it too late in the game.

Hand Out Your Email Address

Jetstar has a weekly Friday Fare Frenzy email that’s worth signing up to, and Qantas, Tiger and Virgin also have sales emails to follow. Faster than that though, is following airlines, flight specialists and travel agents on Twitter.

Along with the airlines, @cheapflightsAU and @statravelAU are pretty quick to announce good deals on flights.


Sites like Adioso, Jetabroad, Skyscanner and Kayak are all pretty good at finding the best deal on particular routes. Kayak predicts whether flight prices will rise or fall, so that’s a good one to start with.

By planning well in advance, signing up for sales and making the extra effort to compare flights, you’ll be on those bargain fares faster than you can say sayonara.

Image: We Heart It