A Gift Registry For an Engagement Party? Has the World Gone Mad?

I’ve received four invitations for engagement parties in the past couple of months, and while that’s no huge surprise in itself what’s interesting is that along with the crafty invites have been equally decorative notes on the gift registry.

For engagements.

Now, for a wedding, regardless of how you feel about being told what to buy, a gift registry is both expected and accepted. As is asking for cash. And in my personal point of view, it’s great to know that you don’t have to think about what the newlyweds would like or what they need.

Sure, wedding registries throw up plenty of dilemmas; what if everything on the list is ridiculously expensive? What if you are feeling super creative and want to give them something that is not on the registry? Where is your cash going?


There is so much stigma around the “amount” you gift, whether on cash selecting something from their gift registry. 

But hey, if you can accept those predicaments, it makes the whole gift thing pretty easy for guests. It also means the couple won’t get four toasters, won’t need to return or re-gift anything, and can deck out their home to their taste.

But having a gift registry for an engagement party? That’s a stretch for me, a big one.

The reality is, some people will bring a gift to an engagement party anyway, but telling them what to bring seems a bit of a stretch. Guests have to fork out enough to attend a wedding (especially if it’s out of town), not to mention kitchen teas, hen’s dos and buck’s nights.

So don’t use an engagement party as a chance to cash in, or you might not have any friends left to invite when the wedding comes around. And the ones you do have will be broke.

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Image: Kris Mouser-Brown, Flickr