But still pretty rich.

Gina Rinehart is No Longer Australia’s Richest Person

After five long years at number one on the Frobes top ten richest people in Australia list, poor old Gina has been dethroned by Blair Parry-Okeden.

Parry-Okeden is actually an American, but has been a resident in our fine country for quite some time. She’s worth $12.49 billion, just nudging above Gina’s $12.07 billion.

The new richy-rich grew up in Hawaii, moving to her ex-husband’s native country of Australia years ago, only recently picking up citizen status.

She’s also known to be quite reclusive, which could explain why she’s able to maintain her fortune. I mean, it’s hard to spend money when you don’t leave the house.

“I order menulog everyday. Because I can.”

She gained the ridiculous amount of money from her late mother who passed away in 2007, inheriting a quarter of Cox Enterprises, an American media conglomerate.

On top of this tremendous inheritance, her rival Rinehart’s worth copped a bit of a blow in the last year, dropping $3.2 billion due to legal issues with her shareholding in Hancock Prospecting, as well as declining iron ore prices. Sucked in, Gina.

If you’re interested in who else is on the list of people that have all of the money, you can suss them out below.

  1. Blair Parry-Okeden, $US8.8 billion
  2. Gina Rinehart, $US8.5 billion
  3. Harry Triguboff, $US6.9 billion
  4. Frank Lowy, $US5 billion
  5. Anthony Pratt, $US3.6 billion
  6. James Packer, $US3.5 billion
  7. John Gandel, $US3.2 billion
  8. Lindsay Fox, $US2.8 billion
  9. David Teoh, $US1.95 billion
  10. David Hains, $US1.9 billion