Why Going Back to Uni Can Be a Great Move

You’ve finished your undergrad degree, been working a few years and have started thinking about hitting the books again. Whether it’s a post-graduate diploma, masters or doctorate, here’s why going back to uni can be a great move.

You want to be there

Unlike the first time round, studying as a ‘mature age student’ is a completely different ball game. You actually want to be there, turn up to classes and lectures, and even do the readings.

Rather than spending days camped out at the thirst-quenchingly-cheap uni bar, post-graduate study usually means juggling the books with working full-time or part-time. Pretty quickly you’ll realise time is a valuable resource and best not wasted.

And although you’re paying for it outright or adding to your HECS debt, there’s also the realisation that education costs money and a newfound appreciation for study when you’re a little older and wiser.

Like-minded people with connections

Rather than seeing fellow students as annoyances (there’s still the odd weirdo or two), the people you’re studying with, as well as the tutors and lecturers, can be a great network to tap into.

Chances are there are people already working in the field you’re learning about and they’re a great resource when it comes to finding a job or changing careers.

You’ve got a common interest and are working towards a similar goal, so don’t be the weirdo and get fellow students onside.

Career and personal growth

From pay rises to promotions, studying something related to the field you’re already working in does wonders for career growth. It helps put your job in perspective, teaches new things about the industry and provides different knowledge and skills to those you’ve learnt on the job.

Plus, it’s great for personal development, broadens horizons and is a better use of your time than veging out in front of the TV.

Study could get much more expensive

If the education reforms proposed in the government’s budget get through, university fees will be deregulated from 2016 which will put a rocket up the cost of studying.

So if you’re tossing up whether to return to the books, you could save a mint by enrolling sooner rather than later.

Image: unsplash.com