How Much is Your Vanity Costing You?

Did you wake up this morning and put on your $50 anti-wrinkle, anti-redness, anti-ageing, anti-ugly looking face cream, smother your face in your $30 foundation and then finished the whole job off with some sparkly, pretty looking gunk for your eyes in the name of vanity?

You are not the only one. Women all over Australia are spending big bucks on all sorts of beauty products to make themselves feel and look less “run of the mill”.  The average Australian women in her 20’s will spend approximately $4,000 per year on beauty products alone. That’s not including health and fitness like gym memberships, clothes and shoes.

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And It doesn’t stop there, by the time you’re in your 40’s, that figure is set to double. That’s a whopping $8,000 a year just to look like what exactly? Unless my face is gold plated when I’m 40 years old, I think I’d rather spend that money on a holiday.

Men are also big spenders when it comes to keeping up appearances. Gone are the days when men would slap on some after-shave and walk out the door with just their suit pressed and shoes shined. Now there are moisturisers for men to help with shaving rash, creams for dark circles under the eyes, waxes in places men would never think of waxing before and hair products galore.

Not to mention the fashions for men have changed and vary dramatically from the suit and hat wearing days.  From vintage shirts for the stylish hipster, to designer shoes for the corporate suite wearer, they all come with a huge price tag.

It seems the pricier the item, the more fashionable it is, allowing the fashion moguls to laugh all the way to the bank while we are frantically trying to keep up with our credit card payments. At least we look good doing it.

I am not so innocent in all of this, but I do fare better than a lot of my gorgeous friends. I decided to be brutally honest and add up all of my beauty expenses and let you see just how much I spend per year on looking like me. There’s not much to see, so I’m thinking my yearly cost won’t be as high as some.


Foundation: $20

Powder: $15

Mascara: $15

Eyeshadow: Free (always ask for it as a gift for Christmas and Birthdays)

Eyeliner: $10

Lip Gloss: $10

= 70.00 every 3 months = 280 per year.


Gym Membership: $25 per fortnight = $650 per year.


Clothes: $2000 per year. I spend approximately $500 per season.

Shoes: $500 per year. (Not a big shoe person… doesn’t mean I walk about barefoot)

Hair: $400 per year (My friend is a hairdresser, so I get a good discount)

Total: $3,830

So it looks like I’m just like every other Australian woman, spending roughly $4,000 per year. That figure doesn’t bother me too much. I am a woman after all and we love preening ourselves, so I’m not apologising for any of it.

But there are ways to cut down your beauty spending:

  • Always shop the bargains. Chemist Warehouse is a great spot for getting your brand name makeup for less.
  • Don’t get too attached to your brand names. This way, if your favourites are not on special you can buy others that are. It’s all the same chemicals anyways.
  • Do your own hair. (If you are male, buy some good quality clippers to use at home)
  • Shop in Op-shops. These days, vintage style is all the rage and you’d be surprised what you can find in your local Op-shop.
  • Gym at home.
  • Ask for items as gifts.
  • Buy online to get great discounts

Obviously there are some things we should not skimp on, like cleaning our teeth and washing our bodies and hair, so please don’t freak out over this article and stop showering all together to fund an overseas trip instead. They may not let you on the plane if you look and smell like a bum.