How Much Is The Royal Baby Worth?

For those who have been living under a rock, Britain’s Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago.

Baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, fourth in line to the throne, will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Little Charlie’s birth alone was estimated to bring a huge £80 million boost to the economy, from all the memorabilia sold like mugs, t-shirts and plates. And the ongoing effects are massive, with a huge amount of consumer spending expected on clothes, shoes and accessories as parents copy the Princess’s style.

As that influence grows as she gets older, experts forecast she’ll be worth a massive £1 billion to the economy before she’s even 10 years old.

Her older brother Prince George brought £247 million into the country in 2013 when he was born. Not a bad effort, but it’s expected little sis will be worth more because of her anticipated huge impact on fashion.

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Patricia Davidson, author and fashion consultant, told the Daily Mirror Online about the social and economic influence this Princess will have. “When Kate buys dresses for her daughter, other people will follow suit, just as they copy what Kate wears. There is a lot more fun in little girls’ clothes than there is in boys’ clothes. People love little girls’ dresses.”

And when she becomes a teenager and comes to pick her own clothes, girls will want to pick the same thing or go to the same designer.”

It’s almost 65 years since a girl was born so high in the line of succession, when the Queen gave birth to Princess Anne back in 1950, so it’s easy to see why excitement levels are high.

“She won’t just be affecting sales of children’s clothes. With the new arrival, people are very happy so they will go out and spend money” Davidson said.

To celebrate the royal baby, The Royal Mint has produced four coins, ranging in price from £13 to £1800.

Demand for the coins is high, with the Royal Mint’s website going down yesterday as people clamoured to get their hands on the goodies.

The “2015 Royal Birth Celebration Sovereign Struck on Day” coin priced at £500, contains 2.988g of 22 carat gold.

“The Royal Birth 2015 United Kingdom 5 pound Gold Proof Coin” on sale at £1800, contains 39.94g of 22 carat gold (below).



The global flow-on effects of the birth of a Princess are huge. Here in Australia, magazine company Bauer expects the coverage of the royal birth to add an extra $1 million in circulation revenue.

The gifts she’ll receive are also expected to be worth plenty. The Natural Sapphire Company in the US has designed a custom baby rattle worth $45,000 to give to the Princess. It’s made from 18k white gold, with sapphires, rubies, and diamonds in the shape of the union jack flag.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also a tonne of family money for baby Charlotte to fall back on. According to Inquisitor, Prince William’s next worth is US$40 million. He inherited about $16 million from the estate of his late mother, Princess Diana, on his 30th birthday, and received an annual income of about $450,000 from interest on that estate before turning 30.

His father, Charles, Prince of Wales, has a net worth of about US$210 million, mainly from his inherited land estate, the Duchy of Cornwall. Built in 1337 by Edward III for his son Prince Edward, the estate comprises 200 square miles of land within 23 countries.

The Queen reportedly receives an annual salary of US$12.9 million, but most of her wealth can never be sold off. Buckingham Palace alone is estimated to be worth US$5 billion.

Kate’s family the Middletons were already worth millions before she married the future King of England, so despite being called a “commoner” she brings her own wealth to the game.

So for a four-day old baby, Princess Charlotte looks pretty set.

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