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How to Become the Best Person in Your Office

One of The Hip Pocket team initiated a great morning ritual this week. At 10am they asked everyone to name one thing they’re happy with at work.

“My chipper colleagues”, “the pictures posted around my monitor” and “the plant on my desk”, came the first three responses. It was very simple, perhaps a bit cuddly for some, but a nice way to remind everyone of the good stuff that’s right in front of them.

Whatever you make of this, it reminded me of how easy it is to get caught up in the niggly bits of your job without appreciating the great stuff that’s there all the time.

Whether it’s getting worked up over a small mistake, becoming overly stressed by big chunks of work or simply bitching about your colleagues, negative sentiment is both easily spread and incredibly poisonous.

And it’s pretty clear why everyone has a crack at one time or another; because it’s easier to complain about things than to set them right.

Thankfully, as my teammate demonstrated this morning, it’s also fairly easy to reinforce the positives and arrest any negative sentiment around your team.

So go on and be the agent for positive change at your place. Here are a few tactics to consider.

Step back and get some perspective

Getting everyone else up and about starts with making sure you’re happy yourself, so take a moment to step back and get some perspective. Regardless of where you work, there’s got to be some good stuff to focus on.

Maybe it’s the laughs you have, the learning, the flexibility or the ease, whatever the case, get yourself in a position where you can smile about the day ahead. Then it’s time to get your workmates on board the bandwagon.

Say hello to everyone each morning

You know how a smile or sideways glance can make a morning? Well, that can come from you. A smile and hello is a simple but incredibly effective way to get anyone’s day started on the right foot.

At work in particular, this positive interaction helps make your relationships personal first and professional second, which means when you do barrel into work chat that it’s on good terms.

Fix the bits that keep biting you

If there are things that continually rankle you at work, fix the ones that are within your control and find ways to tackle the others.

While it’s very easy to continually complain, it’s way better to pull thorns at their roots and get on with better things. The other benefit is that if something’s annoying you, it’s sure to be bothering others too, so take one for the team and set the small things right.

Chop out the work chat

When you pull in for a beer after work or bite at lunch, keep the chat interesting rather than reverting to banal work banter. Your colleagues spend enough time talking business, so be the person who finds common ground with everyone and work from there.

They’ll appreciate it, and so will you.


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