How to Care for Your Pet Without Destroying Your Bank Balance

There’s no denying that these bundles of fur are our best-friends. But unlike best-friends that live in their own houses and clean up after themselves (usually), pets never pay their way.

Being a pet-owner can cost you some serious cash, but if you’re savvy, you won’t ever break the bank.

“Excuse me, I demand attention!”

Follow the rules – register your pet

Registering your pet at your local council is sort of like the pet version of getting a birth certificate. Without registration, your four-legged loved one can get into all sorts of trouble.

If Lassie gets lost and the pound picks her up, they won’t be able to return her safely to you as quickly, or at all.

You will also be fined if your pet is not registered, a cost which is significantly higher than just paying the damn fee! Opt for the ‘life-time’ registration to save some coin rather than paying yearly.

Let’s talk about de-sex baby

Ahh, the cone of shame. It may seem cruel to take away the gift of reproduction, but seeing as there is no alternative choice such as pet contraception – the best option is the old snip.

Preventing your fur baby from having many fur-babies will save you the stress and huge cost of raising a cute – but expensive – family.

Some councils have strict rules about cats needing to be de-sexed, so make sure you know them (see above – follow the rules) or you may be fined.

Insurance of the four-legged variety

You may think that health insurance for Rover is a taking things a touch too far. Sure, the pumpkin Halloween costume was necessary as well as doggie sunglasses and organic foods, but insurance? They’re not human after all!

The fact is, when pets get sick or injured, it can cost you a bomb. Unlike hospitals and doctors, vets don’t offer any Medicare rebates.

And pet insurance isn’t as much as you think it is, starting as low as $10 per month up to $50 for more comprehensive cover.

Like human health insurance, there’s a range of confusing options with scary jargon, so make sure you read through all the details to find out what all of the out of pocket costs are. You can compare pet insurance covers on Canstar.

Cut down on luxuries

Although your pet probably loves doggy day care, are the cupcake-shaped pet treats and the deluxe grooming treatments necessary?

Splurging on your pet can add up fairly quickly, so cutting back on luxuries can save you big time.

Also consider cutting back on outsourcing – which is a bit of an addiction in these modern times. Do you really need a dog-walker, or could you schedule your time better? How long should you commit to dog training classes before you need to take on the responsibility yourself? Write down a list of your pet expenses and see if any of them fall into the luxury category.

Fancy dogs are the best.

We’re all going on a summer holiday – except you, Fido

If you’re heading on a holiday, it seems easy enough to put your pet in a kennel for the duration.

And while the holiday home for pets may be the easiest option, it sure ain’t the cheapest one. Consider a pet-sitter, which will cost you peanuts in comparison.

House-sitting sites like allow holiday-makers to find a temporary house-sitter to mind their pet. The site is free and most house-sitters look after your pet in return for free accommodation at your digs.