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How to Look a Million Bucks (Without Spending It)

If you’ve got a weakness for brand names and don’t know where to find the best deals, looking good can be a pricey pursuit.

But the good news is it doesn’t have to be. Here are three ways to cut your fashion costs.

Learn Your Measurements

That is, your measurements now. Today. Not what they were three years and a faster metabolism ago. And not what they will be after nothing but chia seeds and Bikram yoga for six weeks.

For guys, go to a tailor to adjust suits to fit. Once you know your measurements, it’s easy to shop off the rack or online for things like shirts and jackets. For girls, it means not trying to squeeze into a smaller size for the sake of a one-digit size tag.

No matter how much you spend, things are going to look cheap if they don’t fit properly and you’re not comfortable.

Go Local

Local markets are one of the best sources of recycled or one-off finds. Most up-and-coming designers cut their teeth at local markets and there’s nothing better than discovering the next big thing.

Just think, Sass and Bide kicked off their career at a trestle table by a park bench.

Vinnies and other op shops can also be goldmines if you’ve got the time. Check out thrift shops in some of the more exclusive suburbs in your city for some sweet designer buys for a fraction of the price.

Know When And Where The Sales Are

Yeah there’s post-Christmas, New Year and mid-year sales, but it’s a competitive and saturated market out there and this means retailers are constantly in sales mode to try and grab your cash.

Sign up for email alerts from your favourite stores so they can tell you when things are on sale. Paying full price for anything these days is a crime, so do your wallet a favour and don’t give your beloved stores more profit than they need.