How To Move Back Home With Your Parents (And Stay Sane)

Maybe you spent all your money travelling overseas, decided to begin a new course, or had a psychotic roommate, but somehow you’ve found yourself lying back on your old bed, in your old room, under your parents’ roof.

Here are 11 tips to keep you level-headed living with the people you love so much that they drive you nuts.

1. Look on the bright side

You now have the opportunity to spend time with your parents and really get to know them as adults. Enjoy all the family meals you share, laugh at the dad jokes which make you cringe and jump into the banter with  siblings.

Your parents have re-opened their home for you to live in, so appreciate it. The chance of you all living under one roof again is probably slim, so enjoy it while it lasts!


2. Save money

Your parents may charge you board, ask you to contribute towards bills or ask for help with the groceries. This is still going to be cheaper than being responsible for everything when living out of home. Take this opportunity to start saving for something that you need.

3. Grow up

This might sound strange after moving back into your Mum and Dad’s place, but it’s amazing how different you’ll feel being back home after some time away. Don’t regress into old, bratty habits. Your family have watched you grow up, they know your personality and how you react in different situations.

They will tell you things that other people often won’t bring up. Listen to their advice and see if you can apply it to your life. It will keep your feet on the ground and help you grow even more as a person.

4. Go exploring

If you have been living out of home for a while, it’s likely that things around your parents’ home have changed a little, so get outside and explore what’s around you.

Your local shopping centre may have been done up, a new gym could have popped up around the corner or a string of little cafes may be buzzing down the road.

Have a look around, find a new route to walk along and embrace any changes that you can see.

5. Change your room

You’ve hopefully grown up a little since returning to your old room. So redecorate. Choose new colours and objects that reflect your personality now. It can help you feel like you are taking a step forward rather than living back in that room you had as a teenager covered in DOLLY posters.


6. Reconnect with old friends and neighbours

Catching up with people you have known for ages can be rewarding.

Chances are you’ve both changed since the last time you had a proper catch up. You’ll have new experiences to share with one another, new topics to chat about and who knows, you may both be in the same situation of living under your parents’ roof, so have a laugh about it.

7. Remember you are on your own journey

Try not to compare yourself to your friends and siblings or your parents when they were your age. Be proud of what others have achieved and chat to them when you need advice or inspiration. Focus on achieving the things you want to accomplish and enjoy the ride along the way.


8. Schedule time for yourself

The family home can be chaotic at times. Your sister may be screaming because she’s late for school, your mother may be moping because she got stung by a wasp, and your father may be on the latest fitness craze looking for his six pack.

Whatever your family circumstances are, realise that everyone has their own things to do and their own issues to deal with.

Offer your family support without taking their problems on as your own.

But make sure you have your own time to relax. Go for a morning run, read a book or listen to music. Find something that helps you unwind and try to do it each day.

9. Make a plan

You probably don’t want to stay under your parents roof forever, so make a plan to get yourself where you want to be. Create goals that are realistic and attainable. Start small and work your way up towards larger goals.

This will help keep your head up when you’re feeling stuck, and it will give you a purpose if you feel lost.

10. Do something you’ve always wanted to

It could be learning a new language, going surfing, learning an instrument, or getting involved in a new sport. Find something that has been sitting on your bucket list for a while and just do it.

If someone in your family or a neighbour wants to join you, let them! You will be more motivated to stick to the activity and you’ll have someone to enjoy it with.

11. Pull your weight at home

You might not like this one, but it definitely makes living at home a LOT easier. If you see dishes that need doing, do them. Feed the dog, empty the rubbish, clean the bathroom, cook a meal, hang out the washing.

Your parents will definitely appreciate any chores you can do to help out around the place. And on the upside, they can’t whinge that you do nothing to help. It’s a win-win situation.

Image: Step Brothers