How to Slim Your Travel Budget This Year

So you’ve crunched the numbers and no matter how hard you squint, you’re a little short for your next big getaway. Not to worry travel-heads, there are plenty of creative ways to trim your budget (cough cut corners) in 2016.

For those who need some serious slimming

DIY Your Travel

Since you’ve totally got the whole adulting gig down, why pay a travel agent to organise your trip?

Planning your own travel can cut accommodation and flight costs significantly if you’re willing to research and dig around for good deals. Plus, this way you can tailor your trip to your every whim (or need).

Snoop like Snoopy for flights

Search engines like Skyscanner, Webjet, Momondo and STA let you compare flights from the comforting embrace of your couch.

Make sure to cross-compare search engine results for the best deal, and be prepared to fly at 2am on Monday morning in the name of good budgeting #commitment.

Sleep is for the weak.

Travel during shoulder season

Assuming your boss is a huge softie and you’re not fussed about sunshine, travelling during shoulder season can mean cheaper flights, accommodation and better deals.

If warmth isn’t a big deal for you, travelling during winter can mean having some of the world’s most popular destinations (mostly, but not really) to yourself! Don’t forget your jackets.

Consider cheaper accommodation

So you’ve hit up, trivago and but they’re not showing your dilapidated bank account any kind of love.

Consider staying in dorm rooms, an AirBnB house or couch surf around the world instead. Hostelworld is great for cheap, verified hostel stays and couchsurfing is one of the best ways to meet friendly locals in your area.

Watch out for the creeps, though.

For a bit more change in your pocket


Not from Rome to Venice, my god, but within cities. Walking can be one of the best ways to explore a city and avoid hopping from one tourist hotspot to the next.

If you really need to cover some ground, rent a bike and get your exercise in for the day. Hooray for fitness!

Know your transport options

But speaking of transport, know your options when it comes to train passes, tourist-only tickets and discount options.

Rail passes can be a goldmine for easy savings if you’re planning a big trip with plenty of travel between cities.

These guys will boost you to the other side of town for a fiver.

Cook, or plan where to eat

Assuming you have the facilities to cook your own meal and store it safely, (aka stovetop and fridge) cooking your own meals, particularly if you’re travelling in a group, can be a great way to save some extra dollars.

If you’re the type of person that’s likely to set the hostel’s kitchen on fire, look online for cheap eating options near you. Some of the best street food might be right under your hungry little nose!