How to Travel with Your Partner and Not Kill Each Other

Finding someone who can tolerate our irritating habits in our own country is hard enough. Finding someone who is not only willing to go on our million-a-mile travelling journey, but eager to shotgun, is rare.

Travelling with another person puts their best and worst habits under a microscope, magnifying everything that didn’t seem to matter at home. Travelling can end a relationship, or it can make them infinitely resilient. Here’s how to travel with your partner and not kill each other.

#1 Communicate

Unless you have enough dosh to splurge on taxis and 5-star hotels, there will be one side of your whole that’s ready to rip some eyes out at some point during your trip. When you’re too hot, hungry, cold, tired, sore, sick or sleep-deprived, communicate with your partner.

Before you hit level ten on the passive-aggressive scale, let them know how you’re feeling. Lashing out at your best friend slash partner is the pinnacle of poor ideas.

#2 Calm the fuck down

Relax about money, relax about your schedule, relax about things you HAVE to see. You are one of the few lucky ones to briefly escape the relentless, monotonous tasks of everyday life. Take a step (or seven, if you need it) back and inhale this fresh, unexplored country.

Compromise cheerfully, wander away from the well travelled and splurge on something you may never see again. Enjoy the wonderful company you have the luxury of having to yourself for a few short weeks.

Listen to the dolphin.

#3 Take some time for yourself

Take a well deserved T-out for yourself. If you’re on a budget that can’t swing any physical space, choose something mentally relaxing like a long bath or reading a good book.

If it makes sense to split up for a day (maybe he doesn’t care about architecture or maybe art makes you drowsy), do it. Quality alone time saves relationships.

#4 Stock up on snacks, naps and maps

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a traveller in possession of the heaviest backpack ever must be stuck in the rain, aimlessly wandering in (what is probably) the opposite direction of his hotel.

Anybody who has managed to survive thus far knows they’re less likely to go full-fledge toddler if they’re full and well rested. Sleep in when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or stock up on snacks if one of you is prone to hangry-ness. By the laws of biology, one cannot be livid when one has chocolate in their mouth.

#5 Don’t take each other for granted

Period, full-stop, end of story. You’re experiencing what some others can only dream of doing and creating memories which you will proudly share forever.

Happy travels!