6 Idiotic Things You Need to Stop Doing at Work

Think you’ve got the whole work thing sorted? Think again. Here are some stupid mistakes that can see you packing up a box of your things in no time.


Whether it’s watching cat videos, spending too much time on social media, or doing more life admin than actual work, procrastinating is a complete waste of time and is a sure fire sign you need a new challenge.

It doesn’t matter if your movements aren’t watched or tracked and there are no firewalls, doing as little as possible means you’re not contributing to a team and aren’t utilising your potential. Life’s short, so don’t waste it watching Grumpy Cat at work. Find a new project or company where your talents will be put to good use and appreciated.

Looking for another job

While it’s generally said that already having a job makes you more attractive to potential employers, looking for a new job at your existing workplace is one of the dumbest things people can do, so it’s important to keep the two separate.

Avoid looking for jobs on your work computer or using your work email, be careful with who you tell and schedule interviews strategically. You may have mentally resigned, but until you actually do, it’s important to stay focused on your current job responsibilities.

Not building a network

Sure, you’re getting paid to do a job and contribute to your organisation. But they’re also contributing to your career and personal growth. Usually one job is a stepping stone to another, better one, so it makes sense to get as much out of your current role as possible.

So attend training sessions, learn as much as possible, find a mentor, build up experience and grow your network as much as possible.

Worrying about things out of your control

Waiting to hear back from a pitch you’ve done to a client, worrying about your job security, and stressing about the meeting tomorrow are all things that are out of your control. And worrying about things that you can’t change is a waste of time and energy.

Your time is better off spent ensuring you do the best job possible and are prepared for meetings, and pitches to minimise the risk of negative things happening.

Bitching about the boss

This is a classic mistake plenty of people make. It could be sending an email to the wrong person, the boss overhearing a whinging conversation, or a snitch passing on negative comments, gossip always spreads and will get back to the boss one way or another.

If the negative culture is too hard to work in, it’s time to take the issue higher or to get out. Until then, quit bitching, avoid the rumourmongers and get on with your job.

Working on a side project

Updating your blog or website or working on a side project is great, just not while you’re getting paid to do something else. It’s not fair to your employer or team, and it won’t be long until it gets noticed.

But before you get too disheartened, take solace in the face that some employers will give their staff time to work on personal projects during work hours. Google, for example, gives employees 20 per cent of their time to work on their own ideas. When a side project starts overtaking your job, it might be time to chat to your boss about reducing your hours.

Now make sure you’re not pissing off your boss