Instagram Douche Lord Makes Ridiculous Wager, Receives Help from Cheating Scumbag

Professional poker player and Instagram attention whore Dan Bilzerian has wagered $800,000 that he can ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in under 48 hours. He sparked up the bet with fellow big-rolling poker player Bill Perkins, assumedly because people stopped noticing him for being a massive wanker.

The journey measures more than 500km in distance, which is one hell of a distance if you haven’t ridden a bike in 18 years as old mate claims.

Bilzerian inherited his fortune from his daddy who was a big-wig corporate raider on Wall Street. When he’s not playing poker, he’s posting pictures of himself with half naked women and guns to 16 million Instagram followers, presumably made up of impressionable 15-year-olds and guys that practice “pick-up artistry.”

But being a cashed up tool tends to attract others of a similar character, with disgraced cycling idiot Lance Armstrong offering him one-on-one training leading up to the big day.

And it’s not just the distance or timeframe that Dan has to worry about. The desert is fucking hot for a start, not to mention some steep hills he’ll have to negotiate to get there.

Want in on the action? The bookies at Ladbrokes are offering $1.75 in favour of him pulling it off if you’re game enough for a punt.

Best of luck, you sad, sad fool.