iPhone Production Company Wants to Buy Sharp for $US5.3 Billion

Another day, another company going down the proverbial toilet.

Taiwan-based company Foxconn are the lords that makes iPhones for Apple. Assumedly because they’re too lazy to do it themselves and have a zeppelin-sized wad of cash to throw around.

Can you blame them? If I had that much money, I’d pay someone to pour the milk into my bowl of Weet-Bix every morning. Right after the person I pay to place the Weet-Bix into the bowl receives it from the paid bowl retriever.

Foxconn, who are obviously doing very well off the back of Apple’s outrageous success, are oddly keen to buy Japanese electronics company Sharp.

Once a leading brand in the industry, the tech giants have been going the way of Dick Smith (not good), having been bailed out by banks on more than one occasion over the past year.

Disruption in the global electronics racket has seen poor old Sharp’s share price plummet by almost 95% over the past ten years, prompting some aggressive discounting of their LCD panel stocks.

And why would Foxconn want to pay to take on all of this unfortunate debt? Well, according to the WSJ, the sly little buggers are very interested in acquiring Sharp’s top notch manufacturing and display expertise.

Will we soon see an iPhone with some killer Sharp panels? Only time and the money-zeppelin will tell.