Is Kanye Really $53 Million in the Hole?

Ah Kanye West, the self professed deity and creative genius that we’ve all come to love is at it again, taking to Twitter to claim that he’s $53 million dollars in debt.

Over a painfully long series of tweets, the rap artist stated his financial position, along with many, many other strange thoughts, some of which referring to how many furs he could afford.

But is he actually in that much personal debt? Entertainment website TMZ says that sources close to Kanye have confirmed that the number is correct, but it’s not debt, it’s how much he’s invested into his projects, mainly on the fashion side.

Hahaha woah.

In essence, the whole thing could just be a round about way of boasting to the world that he could actually afford to spend $53 million on himself. Classic Kanye. And why would he want to throw this straight out into the open anyway? If his most recent tweets are anything to go by, it’s because people who were aware of his financial situation would use it as leverage against him in negotiations… But he also wants to tell the world of his “Struggle”.

Pray 4 Yeezy.

To add to poor Kanye’s financial woes, the sneakers he designed through his partnership with Nike sold quite well, he received no money for the first year of the line which was completely self funded. He has since left Nike and is now partnered with Adidas.  

I wouldn’t worry about him too much; West has some pretty robust earning power. His 2013 “Yeezus” tour alone earned him a cool $25 million.

He’s also asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to fund his “ideas” that he’s yet to disclose. Whether or not Marky’s going to cough up the dough is anyone’s guess.