It’s Not All About the Money

What’s more important to you when planning your career or future? Money or happiness and is it possible to have both?

Would you rather be grumpy and well off or happy and comfortable?

In my personal experience, high end executives often seem tired, angry and mean. But why? Aren’t they receiving a fat pay cheque each fortnight? Well sure they are, but since they work a sixty-hour week and jet around the country on red eye flights they probably have no time to spend or enjoy their hard earned coin. So don’t be jelly! It probably sucks to be them.

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit unfair to all those hard working suits out there, but is all that huff and puff worth the money?

We all need enough money to have a stable and comfortable life, but are you poor if you buy the ninety-nine cent detergent or just smarter? Are you rich if you buy the one-hundred-dollar bottle of wine at dinner or is it just about looking good in front of your snobbish friends? (Because trust me, a twenty-dollar bottle of plonk is just as good.)

Next time you’re spending your hard earned cash, think about these important points to help you stay humble and smart with your money.

Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean its better

Before you reach for the ten dollar washing powder on your next shopping trip, stop and ask yourself – why are you paying more money when the four dollar washing powder is just as good?

Don’t be taken in by the bright, flashy colours of the expensive brand because no one cares or knows what you’re washing your dirty laundry with, just as long as it’s clean.

And there’s no amount of washing powder that will clean the other sort of dirty laundry so don’t even bother.

Brand names are like fatty foods, only good for special occasions; especially if you’re still earning the wage of a paralegal and not a lawyer. So shop the sales and grab the bargains, because the credit card dept. will follow you like an unwanted odour.

Follow your dreams, not the pay cheque

If money is want you want, fine, go for it. Study hard at school and slog away at a subject you don’t care about at Uni for the next 5 to 7 years, but remember this, once you finally graduate from the degree that sucked the life right out of you, for the next forty to fifty years you will be doing something you have absolutely no passion for and when you’re old and grey, you’ll always wonder what it would have been like to follow your dreams and be a writer, or a dancer or lion tamer… do you get the point?

Instead, think of it like this; follow your dreams. If you’re lucky enough to be passionate about something that pays the big bucks, then that’s a great bonus. But if your dream job is to be a gardener and spend your days soaking up the sun, then your life will be enriched in ways that mere money cannot give you.

Plus, passion is what drives people to be masters at what they do and if you become a master at your passion, then money will soon find you.

Live in the moment

Blowing the budget once in a while for special occasions or an overseas trip is not always a bad thing. Let loose your purse strings and live your life to the fullest.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy that hundred-dollar bottle of wine I mentioned earlier, because let’s face it, you can buy 10 bottles for that money and now the party is just getting started.

Don’t be a boring scrooge, live a little. You’re employed aren’t you? You work hard don’t you? Sure you do! So book that flight to Thailand or Paris and stop stressing about every tiny cent.

Relax, guy.

There is so much in life that money can’t buy and the dude in Paris that you end up passing at the top of the Eiffel Tower is not a male gigolo, he’s free and so is that gorgeous sunset in Thailand. You only live once! Just don’t use that saying every weekend, and you’ll be fine.