How to Keep Your Work and Personal Lives Separate

These days, people are more likely to put work over their personal life, which can put serious stress on your physical and mental health. So how do you keep these aspects of your life separate and balanced? These four steps are just some of the easy ways you can create a healthy work-life balance.

Step 1: It all starts with a healthy workplace

Go to work with a positive attitude as much as possible. Be friendly, even if the same kindness and positivity is not returned. Get to know your co-workers and keep everything light, yet professional.

It’s also important that the job you are putting all of your time and energy into is a job that you enjoy doing. If not, it’s time to find something that you do! Life’s too short to hate going to work every day.

I know that there are always bills to pay and life gets more expensive as we grow, however, there are some things more important than money.

Step 2: Once the work is done, leave

Distance is important when making sure that your job doesn’t follow you home. Change out of your uniform, turn off your emails, leave non-urgent messages from your boss or co-workers till the morning and get a good night’s sleep.

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While it might be hard at times, it’s always a good idea to think of something positive that might happen at work the next day. This ‘can do’ attitude will help to keep you focused on the day – even if that one thing is that your shift is only a few hours long.

Step 3: Keep work from creeping into your personal life

Keep conversations about work to a bare minimum with those outside of your job. We all love to get things off our chest after a long day by confiding in those closest to you, but it’s not always best to bring them into that negative mindset.

Keep your personal world free of work related drama and it will be a much more relaxing and happier place.

Step 4: Leave your personal life at home

While keeping your work life from creeping into your personal world is very important, it’s essential to do the reverse as well.

It’s always best to refrain from discussing personal issues about yourself or family. If you are going through something that might affect your work in a massive way or keep you from working professionally, look at taking a day off to centre and focus yourself. Being able to take some time to think is not selfish, so never be afraid to do so.

These four steps are tools that any person can use to create a much needed separation between these two very important aspects of your life.

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