Legendary Last Minute Gifts For Under $20

Have you been lazy in the lead up to Chrissy and are now left scrambling for gifts? So have we.

To fix that up in short time, here’s the list we’re working off.


1. A deck of scratchies with a ‘lucky’ coin. Gambling is great fun, especially when it’s with someone else’s money.


2. Six craft beers for a thirsty person. Clearly.


Luis Toro, via Flickr

Luis Toro, via Flickr


3. A recipe book with your favourite recipe written on the first page. A very easy way to appear thoughtful.


4. A box of pretty premium tea or coffee. Almost everyone loves trying comfortably-new things.


5. Some super sweet socks. Really damn good ones that no-one in their right mind would pay for.


coralie, via Flickr

coralie, via Flickr


6. A book you recently read and enjoyed. It’s relevant, a conversation starter and meaningful.


7. Jars of homemade anything. They’re cheap, easy and don’t even have to be any good to gather brownie points.


Got any to add? Share them here.


Image: JD Hancock, via Flickr