Leadership Tips for First Time Managers

We’ve all had that one boss that’s either made our jobs an enjoyable means to retirement or a proverbial shit fight. If you’ve recently gone up a peg or two at work and would like to make sure those further down the food chain refrain from completely annihilating you, you need to get back to basics.

You’re still on your L-plates

Nobody likes an arrogant prat and don’t forget you were once a lightweight too. Be confident about your new role but accept you’ve still got a lot to learn.

Set some clear ground rules and be upfront about the shift in responsibility. And watch the ego – you’re no Donald Trump yet.

Not that you’d wanna be.

Get the low down

Get to know your fellow peeps – their perspectives, interests and skills and discuss your vision with them and how they can help you kick those performance goals.

Motivate and reward them (shout some Friday afternoon bevvies FFS) and watch your legend status increase.

Talkies are important

Don’t sit on your throne barking orders or defiantly skulk out for a ton of ‘meetings’ throughout the day. Your teamies want to know you’re doing the hard yards too, so keep them in the loop with high-level decision making, long-term planning and other strategic flatulence and your cred will remain intact.

Don’t lead by the curly ones

Some short, French military dude once said, “A leader is a dealer in hope”. (Note, that’s hope with an ‘h’). Basically, you’ve got to delegate and inspire at the same time.

Blundering around unproductively or expecting others to do what you couldn’t be effed doing yourself won’t win you any brownie points. And it’s trés lazy-arse.

Keep the vibe flowin’

Having sad sack staff won’t work. As a leader, it’s your (big knob) job to keep the positivity levels up. Foster creativity, honesty and use your intuition (not emotion) when making decisions.

Encourage feedback (and suck it up) and most of all, realise that everyone’s got their own shite to deal with and we all work in different ways. Lead by the ‘different strokes for different folks’ mantra and you’ll be charging up that career ladder in no time.