Ditch Your Wallet and Live Cash-Free with These Free Apps

Aussies are ditching their wallets and cold hard cash to live cash free, with research from Westpac revealing that over half (53%) of the payments currently made in Australia are already made electronically, predicting Aussies will be living completely cash-free by 2022.

Paying ahead for everyday essentials on smartphones is particularly on the rise, with pre-ordering and prepaying for your morning coffee, taxi or weekly groceries without even setting foot into the supermarket, now the norm.

To help you become part of the cash-free revolution, here are the top apps to create your smartphone e-wallet.


Deliveroo is a local delivery food network that uses mobile technology to connect restaurants with consumers and drivers, so at last you can get some of your favourite restaurant’s food delivered straight to your door!

It connects to your PayPal or credit card so you never have to worry about having enough money on you when the delivery arrives at your door. Head to www.deliveroo.com.au to check out the mouth-watering dishes available and start ordering!

Hey You

Hey You, the ‘order ahead’ app let’s you order and pay for items from local cafes and restaurants like coffee and food ahead of time. So all you need to do is pay via the app, walk in, pick up your order and not even open your wallet.

Hey You also has a group ordering feature, where your mates can chip in for their part of the order instead of them paying you directly, so you don’t end up with a pocket full of loose change!


Uber has completely revolutionised the way we hitch a ride somewhere, enabling you to order a taxi, private car or rideshare straight from your mobile phone, connecting you with a driver within minutes.

The app links up to your PayPal or bank account so once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can leap straight out and be on your way! No cash, no cards, no fuss!

Aussie Farmers Direct

Save yourself the hassle of the supermarket and order your home cooking needs in this one easy app. Aussie Farmers Direct are leading the way in creating a sustainable farming future for us all, which is pretty damn important!

Also, shopping on your smartphones removes the temptations of the supermarket, meaning you’ll only buy what you actually need and save money on your grocery bill.


Paypal is more than just that thing you use to pay for things on eBay. You can use it via the app on the go to send money to people in more than 100 countries using just their email address or phone number.

It’s an easy way to transfer (or receive) money on the go. Did you mate pick up the pizza and you haven’t got any cash for your share? Paypal is a simple and quick solution.

We think the back end looks something like this.

The Iconic

The Iconic makes clothes shopping for guys and girls a breeze. They also happen to stock some of the most wanted and on-trend brands in Australia at very affordable prices, especially at sale time!

With a mobile app to browse and buy from, as well as a very handy same and next day delivery option available in Melbourne and Sydney, having ‘nothing to wear’ will be a thing of past, much like actually going to a shopping centre!


HotelQuickly is the last minute hotel-booking app that helps you save up to 70% on hotel bookings – perfect if you need a last minute crash pad.

It lets you browse and book hotels in your chosen destination, so no need to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash – you can book everything with the app!