Looking to Save Money on Contraceptives? Why Not Invest in a “Dick Switch”? 

Contraceptives are great. They provide us with a safe, baby-free way to enjoy getting laid, but fellas, what if I told you that you could turn off your ability to procreate by simply flicking a switch?

Well the future is here, and it’s utterly horrifying. Behold, the “Dick Switch”.

Yes, that’s right, a German Carpenter invented a way to switch off the male ability to transmit sperm during ejaculation.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that there is a tiny switch inside of your body or that this crazy carpenter was so stoked on his invention that he volunteered to be the first person to give it a whirl.

What if you accidentally bump it on during a romp? What kind of switch etiquette do we need to use pre-coitus? Is it sexy if the girl switches it for you?


Before you sicko’s get excited, doctors aren’t on board with the invention just yet, citing fears of scarring or clogging.

Despite these concerns, 25 men will also be taking the switch for a test run. Kudos, brave gentlemen, kudos.