Love On a Budget – Ideas for a Thrifty Valentine’s Day

So it’s that time of the year again where the singles weep over sappy RomCom’s on Netflix while the attached prepare to bankrupt themselves trying to show their love with generic chocolates, flowers and seriously over-priced set menus. Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day again.

Now, we know that you’re better than that (and you’d prefer to spend your hard-earning dollars on something – anything else). After all, it’s not the amount of money you spend, but the amount of thought that goes into a gift or a date.

Never fear, The Hip Pocket is here as your personal cut-price Cupid with some killer date and gifts ideas that won’t break the bank.


Love in a Jar

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Even if you don’t have Ms. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s way with words, this is a pretty personal and actually affordable gift idea. Take a jar and fill it with slips of coloured paper describing things you love about your one and only.

Just make sure you wash that jar out properly before you use it. Nothing ruins the romance like some leftover Korma sauce.

But cats are always an improvement.

Origami Flowers

A very hands-on and slightly fiddly gift idea, but at least you’ll get ten points for effort!

Sure, fresh flowers look and smell beautiful, but what’s the point in blowing $30 on a fancy bouquet only for it to shrivel and die in a few days?

Grab some pretty paper, hop on YouTube and get folding.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Instead of grabbing an over-priced box of chocolates at Woolies on your way home from work, get in the kitchen and make your own! All you need is some chocolate and, you guessed it, some chocolate.

Melt, dip and leave it to cool in your fridge. Serve them up to your leading lad or lady with a bottle of bubbly (that $10 one from Aldi would probably suffice!)

Mind the cork.

Massage Oil

You’ve got two option here buddy. Try and make one yourself (if you happen to have some essential oils hanging around) or pop out and buy one.

Nearly everyone loves a massage and, failing that, everyone loves what comes after a massage. Pop on some mood music, oil up and see where it takes you. You can thank us later!


Brunch it up

This year, V Day lands on a Sunday, THE day to sleep in and then head out for some mid-morning brunch action at one of the city’s many hot spots.

However, as tempting as it is to cough up $40 for avocado smeared on some fancy bread for two in a hipster Inner West café, you can do better than that.

Sneak out of bed and bring the brunchy goodness to bae. Even if your cooking skills are questionable, hopefully you can at least make a coffee and some toast. Right?

Draw their portrait

This one’s a bit unusual, but it could honestly be a ton of fun. Grab some paper and pencils, sit down opposite each other and start to draw.

You don’t have to be da Vinci to sketch a decent portrait and you don’t even have to draw your partners face. Go abstract and draw things that remind you of them or what they love.

This activity is not only an original idea for a date, but could honestly bring you and your loved one closer together.


Get Cultural

We guarantee that there’s a local gallery or museum nearby that you’ve never visited, but have always been meaning to go to. Now is that time.

Not only is it a great date idea but they’re usually free or reasonably cheap. Learning about a new topic together or even being able to share your knowledge about art or history can be a great bonding experience, plus it means you’ve always got something to talk about.

On’ya bike!

Make like the Dutch and go on a romantic cycle together. When we exercise, our bodies release lots of lovely endorphins which generally make us pretty happy.

So working out together is not only good for your body, but good for your relationship – woohoo! Why not bring a picnic and make a day of it? Sounds like a pretty good date to us!