Macca’s Are Legit Trialling a ‘Walk-Thru’ Lane for Drunk People

Finally. We can all just walk through the Macca’s drive-thru while we’re belted and get on with our lives. Well, we’d have to travel to North Wales first.

According to The Sun, a McDonalds restaurant in the town of Llandudno is trialling the idea to allow pissed patrons of a nearby nightclub to grab a cheesy B on their way home from a night out, because that’s just what you do.

The idea was such a success that the branch plans to make it a permanent deal, returning this weekend. Between 2:30 and 4am, a separate lane will be opened to allow customers to order a drunk feast.

A spokeswoman for McDonalds says the ‘walk-thru’ was introduced so they could legally allow patrons to get a feed on their way home from the newly reopened Broadway nightclub.

“As the restaurant is in the process of securing a 24-hour license, customers can only use the drive-thru to order food at night, so the ‘walk-thru’ is just a play on how customers can come and enjoy a nice meal, later in the evening,” she said.

Staff of the local Clown Burgers store shared the news on Facebook so enthusiastically it warrants two exclamation marks at the end of each sentence.

“Our ‘Drive Thru’ is now open for as a ‘Walk Thru’ between 2.30-4am!! So when you need a little pick me up at the end of Broadway you know where to come!! Tag and share away between friends!!”

The demand for such a service has always been strong, evidenced by the many Facebook pages requesting it. My personal favourite is entitled, “One Day I Will Walk Through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru” and has a whopping 635 likes. I hope that one day they do.

The McDonalds FAQ page sites local authority licensing and customer safety as the main reasons for denying the drunk of their rightful McNuggets.

Whether the idea will make it beyond the trailblazing town of Llandudno is yet to be seen. Should it make it down under, I’d wager that Mike Baird will slap it from our greasy hands due to it being way too much fun for us to handle, along with distracting us from the casino.


Piss off, Ronald.

Feature image: YouTube