How To Make It In A New City

Whether you move to a new city with a friend, a lover, or all by yourself, after the initial excitement wears off it can soon become quite overwhelming.

There isn’t a ready-made group of friends that will take you in and foster you, complete with in-jokes and sleepovers. The truth is, you have to carve it all out for yourself, and although it can feel terrifying at times, it’s a wonderful way to reinvent yourself.


Tap into local connections

So, you’ve moved to a new city, and don’t know anyone. You have an unhealthy relationship with Skype, and DNMs with the supermarket checkout girl, just because she has to listen.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like this! Use your network. You’re more than likely to have connections that you didn’t know existed, like friends of friends, colleagues, partners, a sports team. Put shout-outs on Facebook; this is where that random guy you once met at a party can finally come to some good use.

Cheap finds, cheap eats

Get to know the locals. They know all about tight-arse Tuesday, freebee Friday* etc.

They know where to find the cheapest eats, the best bargains and the city’s best kept secrets, so put down the guide book, and get on the hunt for a local pal.

*This isn’t an actual thing, but it should be.

Cheap rags

A new city doesn’t have to mean a brand new wardrobe. Just because everyone here wears UGG boots and terrible denim cut offs, don’t try to keep up. Stick to your own style, and for the odd treat, markets and charity shops are your absolute best bet.



Don’t try to take on a place all by yourself. Nobody wants to end up in an unfurnished bedsit, desperately searching for Scandinavian shelves, with no friends to drive you home or help you assemble. House sharing, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to save money and meet new people.

Get a fun job

If you’ve moved to a new city, chances are you were happy to wave goodbye to your old life and your old boss. Use this clean slate to look for new opportunities and find a fun job that doesn’t involve working long hours in front of a screen. Why bother moving to a new city when you could’ve done that from anywhere?


Another great thing about a change of scenery, is the foreign money – the way it looks, feels and smells – not too dissimilar to monopoly money in fact. One of the best things about being in a new city is exploring, and you’re going to need money for that. And what better excuse to save, especially for that 3 month roadtrip in the not too distant future.


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Love your own company

Without the safety net of a crammed social calendar, it’s easy to find yourself weeping to The Notebook on a Saturday night. Snap out of it and learn to enjoy your own company. One of the most liberating things about moving to a new city is that you are totally free. You have no social obligations and you don’t have to see your boyfriend’s aunt’s second cousin on a Sunday morning. You finally have all the time in the world to do what you always wanted, so take that opportunity and run!


You’re in a new city, so EVERYDAY is a holiday. Don’t be in a rush to spend all your hard earned foreign money on a flight back home in your first few months. Stick around and explore locally; you’re here for a reason, and home will always be there.

Main Image: Unsplash.