Man Spends Money on Kindle, Receives Part of Human Tumour

The advent of online shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest conveniences of the modern world, but it’s not without it’s problems.

Anyone that’s received an incorrect package will know how frustrating it can be, though none better than 37 year old James Potten from Bristol, England who received a sample of human tumour instead of the Kindle that he ordered.

Now I’m no postman, so my working knowledge of the English postal system is patchy at best, but I’d wager that a Kindle is vastly different to god damn human tissue. 

He tweeted on Saturday that he had received the sample in place of the e-reader, a FedEx mix up of record proportions.

“Presumably this is a very important package that needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible,” Potten told The Sun. “It is really bad that this has happened. This really should be with the hospital, not with me.”

The words of a man that just wanted to a read a few e-books.

He told the BBC that while he didn’t open the box, it was clearly marked as containing patient tissue. He goes on, “The tracking code on the item had the same first five and last three numbers as my order but it wasn’t my Kindle.”

The sample was collected and expected to be delivered to the intended recipient on Sunday, says FedEx. We can only hope that poor old James gets to kick back with his Kindle really soon.

And perhaps you’d like to read some e-books instead of wondering what to do with someone else tumour. Here’s the current top ten best-sellers list from Amazon:

  1. The Beekeeper’s Ball, Susan Wiggs
  2. Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel), Kendra Elliot
  3. The Marriage Certificate, Stephen Molyneux
  4. Pretty Baby, Mary Kubica
  5. The Visitor, Jane R Goodall
  6. The Memory House, Linda Goodnight
  7. The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins
  8. The Score (Off-Campus Book 3), Elle Kennedy
  9. The Patterson Girls, Rachael Johns
  10. Chilled (A Bone Secrets Nocel), Kendra Elliot