MASHAY: The App About Mates, Not Just Dates

Do you ever feel like you’ve fallen into a stagnant routine on a night out with friends? And do you feel like those friends are more interested in their phones than they are with enjoying the moment and the people in it, like you?

Meet MASHAY. It’s the new app about mates, not just dates and it’s taking Sydney by storm. The concept is simple. It connects you and your friends with other groups in the area, to enable real life meet ups, connections, interactions and partying with a potential new circle of friends.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have permanent wing men/women in the palm of your hand? Imagine helping your friends expand their comfort zones and meet new people or having a view of all the groups in your area out embracing the evening. Experience new cities and connect with the locals to discover new hidden gems.

Australia has clocked over 1.5 million users on Tinder, with the extreme amongst us checking our phones over 200 times per day. The average 20-30 year old being 50 times in 24 hours. This means that there isn’t a time together with friends when someone isn’t checking messages, liking photos or swiping through Tinder and its equivalents.

Robert Price, Senior Consultant at Deloitte, and CEO of Mashay said that the idea for the app came about following a night out with friends (who spent the entire evening on their phones) checking social media and apps like Tinder.

“The problem with social apps today is that they’re mostly focused on the individual. Who likes your pics, who likes your posts, who you’re meeting up with later. We wanted to make an app that’s more about your mates and the group you’re with, and meeting new people,” said Price.

“Mashay is all about getting your friends out of their comfort zones and getting out of our tribal cliques. Sydney has so much to offer but it can almost feel stale when you get stuck in a rut, and the lockout laws aren’t really helping,” he said.

Mashay is about camaraderie, it’s spontaneous and it’s about experiencing something together, in the moment, with your friends.

 How does it work?

Step 1: Jump on App Store/Play Store and download Mashay

Step 2. Next create your party. Your Facebook friends who have also downloaded the app will appear, so select which friends you’d like to party with

Step 3. Name your party, make sure you get creative

Step 4. Click CREATE – your party will now show up in the dashboard

Step 5. Now click on your party to browse other parties in your area and meet new people

Mashay recently launched in Sydney with a party at Creative Art Studio Assembly (CASA), Chippendale. Images available here.