Melbourne Startup Helping Entrepreneurs Stay Focused With Personalised Nootropics

When you’re the founder of a hot dot com who just landed their first round of funding, you can be sure of one thing: you’re going to be hustling hard 18-hours a day, racing to get product market fit and scale before your competitors.

The difference between the founder who’s about to IPO and the founder who has given up and moved back home with their parents, is execution.

Not only picking the right battles, but doing so at a rate nobody else in their right mind can match. Speed is fundamental to success.

If there’s one resource that an entrepreneur can leverage, it’s time. Everyone wants to squeeze a few more hours out of each day and move forward with the next big move.

The thing is, time is fixed. Every founder has the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. But the good founders multiply the output of these hours by being more productive.

We all know what it feels like to be ‘in the zone’. In such a tunnel-vision like state, everything around you seems to fade to black and the result is quality work and lots of it.

Well, this is what is fast becoming known as “flow state”, where the challenge of the activity you’re working on is proportionate to your skill level, and where the neurotransmitters in your brain are having one big synaptic-orgasm.

That’s how John Mitchell, the founder of Noots, likes to put it anyway.

Years before starting this venture, he was in the middle of a full-time degree, and a more than full-time position at a tech startup building apps.

Totally burnt out and unable to keep up with these demands, he got lucky. After stumbling across the movie Limitless, he started exploring if there was anything out there yielding similar effects.

This is when he first came across a little something called nootropics: compounds that boost your brainpower and allow you to crush it 16-hours a day, without experiencing the usual diminishing returns from your everyday instant-coffee. Coincidently, the same compounds powering the startups on the other side of the world, in Silicon Valley.

After much success using different “stacks” (combinations of different nootropics), he started getting incredible results, cutting sleep from 8 hours a night to 6 while bumping up his average productivity by 200% (from around 60% to 80%, as measured by the activity tracker, RescueTime).

Less sleep and more productivity? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, John and his team are just as skeptical as they are believers.

“There’s so many cowboys out in the market selling untested, poorly studied chemicals to anyone willing to pay, even minors. On the other hand, over funded Silicon-valley types selling chewable-coffee are spending more time marketing than building an effective product”, says John.

After many iterations, John and his team have come up with the world’s first single-capsule, personalised nootropics platform.

Once you go to their website and fill out a survey based on your individual needs, you will be recommended a pre-made stack that suits you best.


These stacks combine several well-researched, effective and GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) nootropic compounds into a single capsule that you simply take each morning to get day-long tunnel-vision.

“Everyone is different. Different genetic makeup. Different goals. Different tolerance levels. But everyone is handed a one-size-fits-all pill to pop whenever they have a problem. This is nothing but inaccurate, ineffective, dangerous, and actually just a total joke if I am being honest.”

John says this is only the beginning for their focus on personalisation. After a recent deal they’ve landed with Australia’s biggest biohacking company (who sells the now famous Bulletproof Coffee), Optimoz, they plan to take things a step further.

Using third-party services like 23andMe to get people’s genetic-data and apps like Fitbit to get fitness, health and sleep data, they plan to bring it all together and offer “full stacks” that combine nootropics and supplements, as well as combine stacks, for example, one for focus and one for a better sleep.

Hone into the zone.

It’s all about helping not only entrepreneurs at the cutting edge perform at their best, but anyone looking to get an edge by figuring out what areas they need to improve in and tailoring a plan for them.