The Millennial Mortgage Broker Challenging Traditional Offerings

Wealth and finance is still a strange place for young people. We all know it’s important, but we somehow resign ourselves to fumbling our own way through it instead of asking for help. Thankfully, there are actually places we can turn.

Spearheaded by financial services pioneer Marshall Condon, Neue Black is an innovative mortgage broker designed specifically for the millennial.

A new-to-market offering harnessed by accountability, future shaping and relevance, Neue Black offers bespoke financial guidance to aid in building wealth.

Founder and CEO of Neue Black – and a millennial himself – Marshall Condon, says the business insight stems from the need for contemporary advice in today’s lifestyle and economic climate.

“Living in an information age, we expect knowledge and answers in real time through effective and relevant platforms. Neue Black was created by millennials for millennials and because of this, we are different from the traditional nature of our competitors and better placed to cater to their financial needs,” he says.

With services spanning from property portfolio building to tailored lending strategies, Condon leads a team of young pioneers and innovators with over 30 years of experience in wealth creation, lending and financial management.

“The millennial is clear in their goals of professional and personal success – they are driven, ambitious and know exactly what they want from life,” says Condon.

To cater to a millennial-based clientele, Neue Black offers unique coaching programs and educational resources through social media and online video content – this being the cornerstone of Neue Black’s innovative approach.

An aspirational businessman himself with over ten years of experience, Condon has already attained several accolades from the likes of the Australian Mortgage Awards, MPA and The Advisor, clearly demonstrating his ability to redefine the traditional service offering and provide a more contemporary solution to the industry.

Condon says through his ambition to alter more conventional perceptions of financial management, generational change can be achieved – it’s the impetus that millennials need to take charge of their futures.

“I believe that the more value you create for others, directly contributes to your own value in business and life. That’s why I put time aside every day for my own personal learning and growth, which in turn develops my business and the financial achievements of my clients,” he said.

“I’m passionate about educating people on how to better their financial position and truly understand the journey millennials want to go on, as I’m on this journey with them.”

Marshall will be contributing some great content to The Hip Pocket so be sure to check back soon!