The Modern Graduate: How to Stand Out When You Have No Resume

You’ve just graduated university after four years of early mornings, late nights and lots (and we mean lots!) of coffee. You’re ready to take on the real world and put your skills to good use. But with little to no experience in the field, how do you make yourself stand out against the rest?

Data from Search Party shows that there are virtually no jobs on their platform that are specifically for graduates, however, there are huge numbers (up to 40%) of jobs for candidates with zero to two years’ experience. Our data shows that it’s all about having the right skills and how you demonstrate them to potential employers.

Ben Hutt, CEO of Search Party and JobAdvisor says it’s important to make your skills very clear to potential employers.

“The single most important thing a graduate can do is make their knowledge, education and experience come to life in practical skills,” he says.

“Employers understand that you don’t have ‘professional’ experience, so they are looking for what skills you have that meet their very specific needs. It’s also about having the attitude and willingness to do anything to learn anything!”

According to their research, most employers don’t even look at your years of experience as an initial requirement, but of those that do, almost 40 percent require 0 – 2 years’ worth. And while jobs are rarely promoted as ‘graduate’ positions, employers are just looking for people with the right skills.

So what skills are in demand? Ben says among the top 10 for 2016, communications skills will always get you far.

“The top baseline skill for 2016 is communication. Graduates need to not only say they are great at communication but practical demonstrate it in their resumes, interactions with recruiters and during interviews,” he says.

Ben’s top 10 baseline skills for 2016 are:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Training
  3. Planning
  4. Writing
  5. Detail-Orientated
  6. Customer Service
  7. Project Management
  8. Building Effective Relationships
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Microsoft Excel
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If all else fails, fake it baby!

Now it’s time to job hunt the right way.