How to Survive Moody Mondays

The Bangles hated them, so did New Order, and the EasyBeats only had Friday on their mind.

With five days of work ahead and the weekend a rapidly fading memory, many people regard Monday as the worst day of the week.

Don’t believe us? There’s a Marmite survey that says many people won’t crack a smile until 11.16am on Monday mornings, and research from staffing company Accountemps shows that even though Monday is the first day of the week, workers are generally more productive on Tuesdays.

But don’t despair if you’re feeling unhappy and unproductive on Mondays; here’s how to make the first day of the working week more bearable. Maybe you could even learn to love it.

Be prepared

The key to arriving at the office on Monday morning in a zen-like state of calm efficiency is preparation.

It starts on Friday afternoon. Rather than smoke-bombing from the office early for a refreshing beverage, take the time to get organised. Sort out next week’s to-do list, make sure you’ve finished any urgent tasks and look through the calendar for the week to come. This will keep things on track, and also  help you to switch off from work once you leave.

Once Sunday rolls around, plan for the week ahead. Do the washing and ironing, cook some lunches, get to bed early and put an end to frantic Monday mornings.

Never worry about Manic Mondays again with a little bit of preparation.

Take it easy on the weekend

If your weekends were a frenzy of too much wine and too little sleep, of course it’s going to be tough when the alarm goes off on Monday morning.

Give your body time to recover and by the time the weekend’s over you’ll be raring to go.

Go and have fun in the city. But not too much fun.

Change your mindset

At the end of the day, the feeling of Mondayitis is all in the mind. Do whatever it takes to shake it off… Listen to some good music when you wake up, go for a morning run, wear a colourful shirt, or book in lunch with a friend.

Don’t succumb to those Monday blues.

Let yourself splurge

There’s the rest of the week for being good and sticking to budget.

Mondayitis calls for a different set of rules, so don’t feel too guilty for buying that second coffee, ordering takeaway Thai for lunch or skipping the gym after work in favour of a movie on the couch.

Shake things up

Shake off those negative feelings by taking proactive steps to improve your situation.

Make Monday move-things-forward-day. Whether it’s joining the gym, enrolling to study or talking to your manager about building out your role, take the steps needed to ensure you enjoy actually doing your job.

Cheer someone up

Nothing beats the feeling of making someone else’s day. So, once you’ve managed to shake off the Monday blues, why not turn your attention to the world at large?

It’s doesn’t have to be difficult. You could just flash someone a smile (before 11.16am), buy them a coffee or just ask about their weekend. But once there is a positive mood at work everyone will pick up on it, and moody Monday will be banished for another week.

What do you do to get yourself through a tough Monday? Let us know in the comments.