Monopoly study

Does Having Money Make You Meaner?

As we all biff and bash our way to higher salaries and smarter investments, scientists have paused to study whether wealth actually makes us meaner. And, to the surprise of few, it turns out it we’re way worse people with a few more bucks in our pockets.

To come to this conclusion, social-psychologist Paul Piff did a bunch of behavioral experiments with people playing Monopoly. Piff secretly filmed a series of rigged games where one player was randomly chosen to play with twice the money, the ability to roll two dice instead of one, and collect more money each time they passed go.

The result? This player turned into a total arse. A loud, gloating, scoffing, arrogant arse.

Check out Piff’s TEDx talk on this and other experiments where he found that wealth makes you a way worse human.


Image: William Warby. via Flickr