Six Money Mindset Tricks You Can Learn from Wimbledon

Work hard for each point (every little bit counts)

There are so many times during a tennis match where a lost point here or there might seem of little concern. But small things add up and can have a big impact on the outcome of the game, so giving it your all every time is key.

Managing your money follows similar principles. Paying attention to the little things – avoiding ATM fees, putting aside some money in your savings account each month, renegotiating with your suppliers to find a better deal on utilities– could make a big difference to your overall financial wellbeing in the long run.

Put in some solid time on the practice courts (form good habits)

Despite incredible talent, even Novak Djokovic devotes plenty of time to a practice session before a big match at Wimbledon. To get to the top, they’ve had to spend a lot of time on-court, so they understand that practice makes good technique second nature.

The same goes for your savings. Form a savings habit by putting some money aside in a separate bank account each time you get paid and it will become routine before you know it.

Remember, losing at set doesn’t mean losing a match (tough out the hard times)

Winning every match in straight sets may be the ideal scenario, but conceding a set – or even a match – along the way doesn’t have to spell disaster. Lleyton Hewitt was the master of the comeback and understood the path to success is often full of challenges. That goes for reaching your financial goals too.

So when the going gets tough, don’t give up. Remember the overall journey is what counts and work to get yourself back on track again.

Serve and volley (act on your goals and continue momentum)

Have you set your mind to a specific financial goal? Tennis players at Wimbledon will know there is no time to hesitate after a good serve. They are already moving into position for their follow-up strike!

You can do the same. Once you have a clear goal, procrastinating can be your worst enemy and can cause you to lose momentum. Act on your ideas right away while they are still fresh in your mind so you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Harness the power of the crowd (friends can help you reach your goals)

A lot of your success is down to you, but you don’t have to do it entirely alone. Just as the reaction of a crowd at Centre Court can impact the outcome of a match, support from friends also plays a role in your financial success.

Don’t underestimate the effect this encouragement can have when you need it most. Similarly, be aware of the people who are detrimental to achieving your goals (e.g. encouraging you to spend when you’re supposed to be saving).

Ensure you’ve got good coaching (seek out guidance to reach the top)

No matter how talented the tennis player, a good coach will make all the difference if they are aiming to win big at Wimbledon.

If you’re looking for financial guidance, consider going to see an adviser for information tailored to your situation or, for a quick snapshot, take an online financial health check. The ball is in your court!

Game on!