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Get more done in less time with these apps

Working, studying, dates and exercising, the list of things we need to get done seems to be never ending. Thankfully, technology is keeping up with our busy lives and there’s a bunch of new apps to help us get things done, fast. From affordable pet nannies to having your neighbour cook for you, or even securing a job within 24 hours. 

So for all of you who wish there were twice as many hours in the day to do fun stuff, these 6 apps will help you outsource your life.

With all that extra time … you could go on a romantic date

Having a furry best friend to cuddle every time you come home from work is fantastic, but it’s sometimes a struggle to walk a dog every day. Don’t stress, now there’s an app that connects you with trusted dog walkers or dog “nannies” within a short proximity who can walk your pooch for you. Thanks to Mad Paws, the pet sharing network, you can now enjoy the benefits of being a dog owner but without the hassle of having to venture out in freezing rain or fog. Local neighbours who love pets offer a more personalised service.

Take up skateboarding again 

If you’re in need of some fast cash or recently quit your job, but can’t be bothered printing a ton of resumes and going door to door handing them out, then the recruitment app Found, which connects employers with job seekers, fast, can do it for you. It helps you find casual jobs in your neighbourhood and is like a ‘Tinder for jobs’, you simply swipe right and the app matches you with suitable jobs instantly.

Go on holidays somewhere cool (but hot)

Sometimes its more fun taking a nap or having a beer, rather than spending another hour slaving away in the kitchen. But if you don’t want to live on pizza you could try an app that delivers home cooked delicious meals to your door from your neighbours. How? FoodByUs connects hungry mouths with local talented home cooks that are more than happy to toss up a gourmet dinner for you. 

Make new friends

If you’re not a morning person and would rather an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than queuing up for a coffee then this app is for you. The ‘order ahead’ app Hey You lets you order and pay for coffee and food online so that you simply can swing by your local café and pick up your caffeine kick in seconds.

Spend extra time thinking about just how awesome you are

Remember those local community notice boards that used to be awkwardly positioned in the middle of every town centre? Airtasker is the new-age digital version of this and is an app that connects people who wants a task done with candidates looking for a quick job for quick cash.

Take a hilarious selfie to put on social

Let’s face it, we all  have better things to do than to wash clothes. Dryz, is a door-to-door laundry service that with just a few clicks will have someone pick up your clothes, wash them and hand them back to you within 48 hours. Your clothes come back neatly folded (just like living at home but without the hassle).

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