New iPhones: Are They Worth the Wait (In Line)?

Apple fans, the wait is over.

Early this morning Australian time, Apple announced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus (a deliciously large 5.5 inch ‘phablet’ style phone) and – take a deep breath – the Apple Watch, to rapturous applause and standing ovations from their legions of fans.

For all Apple aficionados, a product launch is a special time.

There’s the pre-announcement hype, the rumours and predictions that launch a million comments, the Keynote address, and that famous line, ‘and one more thing’, which has led to so many of Apple’s greatest moments.

But for die hard fans, the launch is something else entirely.

It’s a chance to get involved with the company on a personal level and be a part of something big. A chance to make a difference. A chance… To queue up for days outside the nearest Apple store to make damn sure they get first dibs on the 128gb Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus.

Yes, Apple mania is well and truly here people. So if you’re trying to decide whether to brave the elements and the media circus in the line up before stores open on September 19, here’s what you need to know.

Line up

This launch is different. Not since Steve Jobs, bless him, passed away have we seen Apple make such a big statement to the world.

There are so many reasons to line up, it’s hard to list them all, but here are a few to start with.

Firstly, size. Samsung Galaxy owners, your number one go to reason to switch phones has been made officially redundant with the iPhone’s new thinner design and larger screen sizes. Thanks bye.

Next, battery life. Apple have promised that the new phones will have a better battery life and who’s to say they’re lying? Yes, they’ve said that for every single product they’ve ever released, but their marketing is so pretty.

Features and software. Where to start? We’re talking a better camera, faster processor, faster internet, a payments system that promises the end of the wallet (one day), and a new operating system that actually looks stunning.

Price? Schmise. When you’re on your phone for 23 hours out of every 24, you actually get pretty great value for money.

Bottom line; if you’re going to line up, this is the launch to do it (until the next launch, that is). These new gadgets will make a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection; anyone, that is, who already owns an iPad, old iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iPod touch. You might even get on TV.

Form an orderly queue, please.

Don’t line up

Are those queuers serious?

If you’re going to buy an Apple product (and it’s a big if), why would you line up on launch day for it? Just to get on TV?

It’s a fact that queuers are just slaves to Apple’s marketing machine, so let’s look at the pretty obvious logic around why you would never in a million years queue outside an Apple store just for the joy of getting clapped inside by over-worked genius’.

First, the line ends. Yep, once that first manic day has passed, anyone off the street can just waltz in to the Apple store and pick up a phone without setting up camp.

Yes, you may have to wait a couple of weeks to get the model you want shipped to your door, but it’s two weeks. Come on people.

Next, why would you buy Apple products anyway? They are a corporate monster who lock you in to their way of doing things and are probably intent on taking over the world.

Android phones are much more customisable anyway, and let you do whatever you want. Multi-tasking? Tick. Waterproof? Yep. Torrents? Sure. Not being a slave to the man? Priceless.

Finally, you’re in a queue outside an Apple store. Aren’t you embarrassed? That journalist who’s interviewing you is silently judging you. The employee who sells you the phone? Them too. Your school friends who happen to see it on TV? Especially them.

Bottom line; the Samsung store will probably be pretty dead in a couple of weeks. Head in and pick up a Galaxy S5 and then go for a swim.