New Report Says Robots Will Be Doing Your Job in 20 Years

If you’re worried about robots stealing your job, don’t sweat it, you’ve still got a whole twenty years till that happens.

A report released today by the ACS (the association for Australia’s ICT industry) and CSIRO reveals six megatrends for the Australian workforce over the next twenty years and the consequences they’ll have. And this eludes to, you know, the whole robot thing.

Not this one though, it’s drunk.

It estimates that 44% of Australian jobs are at risk of computerisation and automation, based on the exponential growth of internet use and the rise of The Internet of Things; the connectivity of devices such as cars, watches, fridges etc.

To give you an idea of how internet-mad we are as a country, we generated roughly 2.5 exabytes of data on any given day last year. An exabyte is a one followed by eighteen zero’s worth of bytes. In layman’s terms, it’s a shit load of data.

To provide some more alarming context to this concept, we generate more data in a single day than we had since the dawn of time up until 2004.

It’s this kind of exponential growth and shortage of skilled data analysts in the digital realm that will see machines evolve to take on these tasks. And of course, once they’re in one industry, the technology is bound to spread to others.

Apart from the inevitable rise of the automaton that’s going to steal yo jerb, the paper also covers other emerging trends such as the rapidly changing face of employment, the need for entrepreneurial thinking and the jobs of the future (that aren’t taken by robots).

Whether or not the rise of Skynet will mean the downfall of humanity is glaringly absent from the paper, but when robotic Arnold Schwarzenegger from the future turns up with a shotgun and a leather jacket, we’ll know.