NSW Vs VIC: Who Has the Best Restaurants?

We all love a bit of friendly interstate rivalry when it comes to, well pretty much anything. NSW and Victoria have been pitted against each other for decades in categories like sports, culture, nightlife and of course, food.

We had a look at the list of the top 100 restaurants in Australia to see where the top ten reside. Starting at number ten, here’s what we found.

10. Tetsuya’s – NSW

Situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Tetsuya’s combines Japanese stylings with French techniques to create a unique experience.

A ten course meal will cost you an affordable $230 per person. Why not take your whole family?

9. Mr Wong – NSW

Touted as one of the biggest restaurants in northern Sydney, Mr. Wong offers a Cantonese-style menu with classic Chinese influences.

Banquet menu’s start at $72 per person.

NSW is off to an absolute cracker of a start here! Where are you, VIC?

8. Sixpenny – NSW

Located in the Sydney suburb of Stanmore, Sixpenny serves modern Australian cuisine fresh from their very own garden.

A meal here will set you back $115 or $190 with matching wines.

Pick up your game, VIC. Jeez.

7. Cumulus Inc – VIC

Finally! Cumulus Inc can be found in Melbourne’s famous art and fashion precinct where they will make you a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A bit of an allrounder, they’ll even let you grab a coffee or a few (many) after-work beverages.

The first actually affordable restaurant on the list with meals starting at around twenty smackers (dollars). Good one VIC, but can you make a comeback?

6. Vue de Monde – VIC

In the heart of the Melbourne CBD, this award winning restaurant serves up some pretty mean French cuisine. Yes, that felt as nice to type as it does to say.

And at level 55 of the building, I can only assume that Vue de Monde translates to “bloody great view, ay!”

Head chef Shannon Bennett has featured on Masterchef many times, as reflected by the $200 – $250 price tag.

Not very much bad, VIC. You might just have old NSW on the retreat.

5. Cutler & Co – VIC

Oh snap! VIC with the tie breaker, what a match this has turned out to be, ladies and gentlemen.

Cutler & Co is located in Fitzroy, Melbourne’s very first suburb. In their own words, the restaurant “strikes a balance between elegance and simplicity.” Delicious.

Mains start at a moderate $40.

Can NSW break the VIC comeback?

4. Brae – VIC

BOOM! VIC in the lead. The crowd is going mental, the atmosphere is incredible. What a day to be in the office.

Situated in Birregurra, VIC, Brae is a modern restaurant set on 30 acres from which all of the food is sourced. On an interesting note, a brae is a hillside or gentle slope. I feel strangely relaxed after learning that.

A meal at Brae will cost you $190 per person.

Can VIC bring it home or will NSW snatch it back?

3. Quay – NSW

C-C-COMBO BREAKER! I am genuinely excited by this.

Quay is a modern Australian restaurant perched on Sydney’s spectacular harbour. Feel fancy as you dine in full view of the Opera House, then embarrass everyone you’re with by pronouncing it “Kway” every time.

Have a three course meal for 150 bones (dollars).

And we have a tie ladies and gentlemen, what a vibe.

2. Attica – VIC

VIC plays Ripponlea’s award winning Attica to take back the lead! Voted as the 21st best restaurant in the world in 2013, a delicious meal here will set you back $220 per person or $140 per person on Tuesdays when the chefs test out their new menu ideas.

This is it, will VIC emerge the victor or will NSW equalise to create a boring tie…

1. Sepia – NSW

A tie!? really? What an anticlimax.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise, Sepia appears at the top of many lists and has won a hell of a lot of awards.

Located on Sussex street in the Sydney CBD, dinner here costs $170 per person during the week and $200 per person on the weekends.

And there you have it guys, we’re just as good as each other when it comes to food and I think that’s nice. Happy eating!