We’re Paying Too Much for Internet, Research Finds

Once again, Australians are making their lives difficult, with research conducted by Galaxy revealing that we are overpaying due to massively overestimating the amount of data we use each month.

Released yesterday, the findings show that nearly half of us download less than 200GB worth of data each month. 2.5 million consumers have signed up for unlimited plans regardless.  Think of all the dank memes we’re wasting.

Only 465,000 households use more than 500GB per month. In a world full of Netflix and Spotify, it’s certainly easy to assume you could exceed this, yet the majority of consumers are using less than half of their allotted allowance.

Spokeswoman for comparison website iSelect, Laura Crowden, says we should be keeping track of what we’re using.

“It’s important to take stock of how much data you’re using at home and it is worrying that 30 per cent of households didn’t know how much data they’d used last month,” she said.

The study says that one third of households could save around $480 a year by switching to a plan that meets their needs, rather than exceeding them.

“Providers are advertising their unlimited plans really heavily and it’s easy to assume that a limitless plan would be better value but, in reality, very few homes actually need that much data,” says Ms Crowden.

She says that we shouldn’t get caught up in the perceived needs of streaming services, as most will run at a rate of about 1GB per hour. “even at three hours per day that’s only 90GB per month on entertainment.”

The gap between what we’re using and what we’re paying for is growing too, according to Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi.

“They want to avoid bill shock and additional fees. Most people don’t use their full allowance,” he says.

So next time you get all up in some Netflix, have a look at your allowance, because downgrading your plan could save you a shit load.