People That Make Money Doing Stupid Things On the Internet

The Internet is a safe place, a place where you can do whatever you want, no matter how stupid, and attract hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

For an incredibly dumb, or genius (we’re still undecided) group of people, the Internet is one big moneymaking network where entrepreneurial minds gather to trick you out of your money. Sorry guys, the verdict’s in, we’re an incredibly lazy bunch who will spend money on just about anything!

From scooping up poop to glitter bombing your enemies, behold some of the stupidest ways people have made some serious cash on the Internet.

Glitter Bomb Your Enemies

Matthew Carpenter, a 22-year-old Australian, launched this site with as little as a PayPal account and some well-written advertising copy.

“Stop letting people off when they give you shit! Get some payback for only $9.99! Let us send them some stupid fucking glitter that is guaranteed to go everywhere.”

“We ship this crap international, so nobody in the world is safe!”

Deemed ‘the herpes of the craft world’, the site was quick to gain fame with its ‘we fucking hate glitter’ tone. Carpenter, however, quickly became overwhelmed.

He launched the site as a bit of a joke and was completely stunned when he received $20,000 worth of sales almost instantly. He sold the site a week later for a whopping $85,000, and honestly, who could blame him? Glitter is fucking annoying!


If you’re unlucky enough to have seen the videos of women rubbing their faces in bread, or bathing in tomato sauce, you’ll know where we’re coming from. If you haven’t, well, save yourself the trouble… DO NOT WATCH THEM!! They’re disturbing to watch and almost impossible to look away from.

If you can swindle enough views, you hold within your crazy mind the way to score some serious dollars.

For example, YouTube sensation Shoenice gets millions of views for eating…just about anything.


The Million Dollar Homepage

In a league of its own, this site is so absurd it’s become an icon. It’s a source of inspiration for get-rich-quick schemers everywhere.

Alex Tew came up with a simple idea, selling advertising space on his page for $1 a pixel. Armed with ingenuity and his story of needing money to pay for college, he managed to sell out within a year! A million bucks later he closed the site. Until this day he remains an icon.

Boomerang Boxes

Speaking on behalf of people everywhere, packing can be a real bitch. Especially when it takes you months to get rid of all the pesky packing boxes.

And then your son turns into a box too.

To eliminate this problem, Marty Metro thought of one of the stupidest services of all time! Boomerang boxes provide – you guessed it – boxes.

For a fee, the company will deliver and pick up boxes from just about anywhere. After a cool million in sales, this stupid service for lazy people makes pure gold look cheap.

The Original Antenna Balls

This is exactly what it sounds like, balls for your car’s antenna. This website claims to be the world leader in antenna balls and stocks a range of different themes. From college football to Christmas, your antenna could be decorated with a smiley yellow ball to suit any occasion.

Because an antenna ball is exactly what we’ve all been missing from our lives! Said no one ever.

But in all seriousness, this is a money making phenomena with people from all over flocking to the website to get their very own antenna ball.

Doody Calls

By far one of the craziest schemes yet, husband and wife duo Jacob and Susan Aniello have raked in millions picking up your pets ‘doody’.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. These people have become millionaires by picking up crap.

What’s stupider than picking up doody for money? Paying someone to pick up said doody, of course.

As messed up as all of these are, if we’re being honest, we would probably pay good money for every stupidly ingenious scheme on the list.