How to Pick a Winner

It’s always tricky picking a winner, especially at this time of year. The sun’s out, the grass is freshly cut and everywhere you look there are strong candidates parading their frames and prancing around like potential victors. So how do you know who’s going to bring home the bacon?

Here’s our four step guide to picking a winner.


Most stallions will rise to the occasion, regardless of where or when it is, so if you’re inclined that way you could do worse than sniffing out a strapping colt. That said, if colts just aren’t your thing, in today’s racing environment mares are known to win the bread too.

This really is a personal preference.


You don’t want your stayer to be carrying too much weight, it’s a handicap. It means they’ve had a great time in the past, their form is now obvious to everyone and the extra weight is a result of that.

However, a filly carrying no weight at all can have its troubles too; untested and hard to read, they might have some not-so-obvious challenges themselves. So backing a competitor somewhere in the middle is a safer bet.

This way you’ll get an idea of their form without the stiff competition of every other punter.


They say you can tell age by looking at the length of their teeth, but given this isn’t always possible and it’s rude to ask, you need to make an educated guess.

Now, there’s no hard and fast rule here, but you’re safer erring on the side of caution with a younger filly.

The track record of older stayers going the distance is patchy at best.


The outfit is entirely subjective, but can be a deal maker or breaker for inexperienced players. If that’s you, pick one you like and just go with it.

Good luck.

Image: Mark Smith, via Flickr