50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy, Posts Pictures of Himself with Wads of Cash

If there’s one thing that we all need to be aware of, it’s that the internet can be a complete soul-suck of a place, particularly if you’re in the public eye. It’s for this reason that most of us are pretty weary about what we post online, but it looks like someone forgot to tell 50 Cent.

Curtis J. Jackson III, Mr. Cent’s “real” name, recently declared bankruptcy in the US, claiming that his money is being drained by a slue of unyielding lawsuits, one of which ordered him to pay 5 million hot ones to a Florida woman that said Fiddy posted a sex tape of her to the internet in 2009. Not very much nice.

So after some assumedly rushed budgeting, Mr. Cent decided that the millions he still earns would not be enough to cover the costs of the ensuing lawsuits, leading to his application for bankruptcy.

Now, like any sensible denizen of the inner-net, should my own fiscal circumstances lead me to such a dire last resort, I certainly wouldn’t spell out the word “BROKE” in piles of $100 notes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.51.44 PM

Oh, you didn’t get that memo?

For someone who’s on-stage moniker is actual currency, you’d think that Mr. Cent would be able to showcase a little common “cents”, but the above picture certainly speaks to the contrary.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.51.59 PM

Oh look, another picture of the clearly destitute Fiddy. I’d wager that our definitions of the word “broke” differ quite dramatically.

For obvious reasons, Bankruptcy judge Ann M. Nevins has called bullshit on Curtis, ordering him to court to explain why he’s posting pictures of a regular person’s yearly wage in cash after crying poor-man to the establishment.

Last week, Judge Nevins voiced her view to Mr. Cent’s attorney: “I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure or a lack of transparency in the case.” Fair deuce.

She also brought attention to Instagram pictures of huge performances that he was most likely paid handsomely for. But the icing on the cake is perhaps this tweet:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.57.08 PM

C’mon, man! Africa!? If you have enough money to build a house on another continent, you’re probably not bankrupt, but hey, what would I know about the rap game and its exorbitant costs?