Ready to reset your approach to money?

 How are those new year’s resolutions tracking?

If you resolved to improve your financial health, but aren’t finding your pockets overflowing with much else aside from empty kale chip packets, you may need to take a different approach.

Here are four easy financial habits that could help you reset your approach to money, and create a financially healthier new you. Ready to go?

Ready to learn to love saving?

 # 1 Think outside the box (and on your phone)
Whether you want to create a budget, spend less, save for retirement or learn how to invest. Even if you aren’t into using a specialist app then your phone can still come in handy in other ways. As an example, getting into the habit of taking photos of your receipts and storing them electronically. These small habits can make a huge difference in the long run.

# 2 Think long term
We’ve all probably been guilty of this at some point – thinking and living month-to-month when things are a little tight. But creating a solid financial future may require looking a tiny bit beyond your next pay check.

How much money are you making today? How much would you like to be making? And what do you need to do to bridge the gap between these two figures? Spending up on a course to upskill yourself may cause short term financial pain, but it could result in long term financial gain.

DIY is awesome…just not for your finances!

# 3 Ditch the DIY approach
DIY is awesome when growing a garden, building a bookshelf, or creating unique pieces of jewellery. There are some things, however, which truly require expert assistance.

Electrical work, root canals, and your financial life are all better left to a professional. This goes back to the notion of taking a long term view and investing in yourself. The short term cost of hiring a professional is almost guaranteed to be offset by a greater long term gain.

# 4 Find new revenue streams
These days it’s all about the “side hustle” – making extra cash by doing something you love.

Spend a lot of time traveling on trains, and have a laptop? Why not spend your commute answering surveys in return for cash or coupons. Want to get into real estate? There are new possibilities for entering the market without a huge deposit using fractionalized property investment groups or syndicates.

In the end, creating a healthy hip pocket doesn’t need to be painful, or intrude significantly on your life.

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