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REPORT: Gen Y Women Most at Risk of Stress, Burnout

Young women feel busier, more stressed and less physically healthy than their male counterparts, according to the latest Future Leaders Index report, co-authored by the Co-op and BDO.

This affects both their emotional and physical health, and is a worrying trend for women in the workforce.

The Co-op CEO Peter Knock said the report showed how hard it’s going to be for women, in particular, to rise to the top and stay there if they’re already reporting themselves to be more stressed than men.

“Only six per cent of female respondents stated they never or rarely get stressed.

“This is concerning for the next generation of women leaders in society with females reporting a 10–20 per cent higher prevalence for each of the physical, social and mind/emotional health consequences of busyness, when compared with their male counterparts,” Mr Knock said.

Check out a full summary of the results:

Future Leaders Infographic

The report is the second in a series of three white papers released by The Co-op and professional services firm BDO, and examines the lifestyles of over 5,000 young people aged 18-29. The first report revealed a generation worried about jobs, money and the economy.