Science: Boys Nights Out Are Good For You

Great news boys, science has proven we need to hang out with each other more.

According to very welcome research out of Germany’s University of Gottingen, male bonding is more likely to lower a guy’s stress levels than spending time with his partner or family.

To determine this argument-ending fact, the scientists studied groups of Barbary macaques (pictured below) which are known for their human-like social behaviour. Essentially, they’re closest thing we have to study short of putting people in an enclosure.


The scientists looked at the macaques responses when put under social or environmental stress, like a threat or very low temperatures. When they were around their partners or wider family, stress levels shot up.

But when these tough guys were faced similar threats in a group, they kept things cooler and more collected. Or, in study terms, their stress levels didn’t rise as high.

The scientists found that it all boils down to stress hormones being lower when male apes were in a group with other males.

The result was the same for every ape from the top of the hierarchy down to the bottom of the chain, and was explained by the sense of bravado we feel when in a group.

That’s the benefit of watching each other’s backs.

So next time you feel stressed, or just need an excuse for more boys nights out, remember that you’ve got science on your side.

Image: John Wiechecki, via Flickr